Writing Resources

This is where we will be developing a library of helpful short manuals and links to assist you in the most difficult task you face as an undergraduate: writing papers.  While your professors are always ready to help you work through the writing process, it's very important for you to realize: WRITING IS SELF-DISCIPLINE.  That means YOU have to take the initiative to find the best way to break down the task of writing a paper into its different stages and to find a way for YOU to best meet the challenges.  

The number one tip for paper writing is: START EARLY.  The very day a prompt is handed out, SELECT your topic and get to thinking about how to address it.

The number two tip for paper writing is: PRODUCE CLEAN COPY.  Your professors are NOT your copy editors, so learn how to edit your work for spelling, style, grammar, and flow. 

The number three tip is: WORK WITH A PEER TUTOR. You can find information on our peer tutoring program here.

The number four tip is: TRY THE WRITING CENTER. The UH Writing Center on the second floor of Agnes Arnold Hall can help you to get your paper into shape right from the start.  Just schedule a consultation appointment and bring your notes, draft, or ideas.

We're also pleased to present our own Ten-Minute Manuals: Quick Guides to Writing, Reasoning, and Discussing.


  1. Guide to Paper Grades.        By Sharon Marquart
  2. Surviving The First Paper.          By Stacey Peebles
  3. Writing the Academic Essay.                   By Gabriela Maya 
  4. MLA Bibliography Style Guide.                By Stacey Peebles
  5. Proofreader Marks and Common Errors to Avoid.  By Richard Armstrong