General Writing Consultation

The Writing Center offers one-on-one consultations where our writing consultants (peer tutors) assist students with their writing assignments. Any student may make an appointment to bring their paper to the Writing Center and receive a consultation. Our trained writing consultants help students develop and structure ideas and organize their thoughts (i.e.: they will not simply proofread the paper for grammatical errors). With this, students gain additional confidence in their abilities to communicate what they want to say in writing; we essentially provide the tools for students to discover and articulate solutions to intellectual challenges presented by a given assignment.

Before scheduling your appointment, please review the Writing Center's WC Online usage policies by clicking here:

WC Online usage policies

After you have reviewed the usage policies, click the "Go to WC Online Scheduler" button below to log in and schedule your appointment.

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Appointments must be scheduled at least two days in advance. For greater effectiveness, a paper should be brought to the Writing Center several days before it is due to ensure that the student will have ample opportunity to make the suggested changes or come back for a second consultation. Consultations are held in Room 234 of the Classrooms and Business Building (CBB). Upon arriving, the student will sign in at a designated sign-in computer and wait for their consultant to call their name to start the consultation.

Some things to keep in mind during your visit to the Writing Center

  • When scheduling your appointment, please be specific in your responses
  • Please bring a copy of your assignment along with your paper
  • Sign-in at the designated computer and wait for your consultant to call your name
  • Always be respectful of other students, consultants, and staff
  • In the event of problems, inquire at or report to the main office (Room 220)