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Book Lists

Students should check carefully that they are consulting the book list featuring their discussion section professor.

Alpha Booklist Spring 2024

Professors: Barnes, Charara, Cooper, Cremins, Ferguson, Lyke, Morrisson, Rayneard, Trninic, Werner

Team Leader: Iain Morrisson


Machiavelli, The Prince. Penguin Classics, Trans. George Bull. ISBN 978-0140449150

Shakespeare, Richard III. Pelican. ISBN 978-0143130253

Rousseau, The First and Second Discourses. Bedford/St. Martins, Trans. Masters. ISBN 978-0312694401

Austen, Persuasion. Penguin Classics. ISBN 978-0141439686

Shaw, Mrs. Warren’s Profession in Plays Unpleasant. Penguin Classics. ISBN 978-0140437935

Brooks, Selected Poems. Harper Perennial Modern Classics. ISBN 978-0060882969

Morrison, Beloved. Vintage. ISBN  978-1400033416


Omega Booklist Spring 2024

Professors: Bland, Garner, Gish, Hattab, Mikics, D. Rainbow, R. Rainbow, Sisman, Vollrath

Team Leader: Jesse Rainbow

Niccolò Machiavelli. The Prince. Leo Paul S. de Alvarez, trans. Waveland Press. 978-0881334449.

William Shakespeare. The Tempest. Folger Shakespeare. Simon & Schuster. 978-0743482837.

Margaret Cavendish. The Blazing World and Other Writings. Penguin Classics. 978-0140433722.

Benjamin Franklin. Autobiography and Other Writings. Oxford World’s Classics. 978-0199554904.

Ivan Turgenev. Fathers and Children. Slater and Slater, trans. New York Review of Books Classics. 978-1681376356.

Friedrich Nietzsche. Beyond Good and Evil. Walter Kaufmann, trans. Vintage. 978-0679724650

Zora Neale Hurston. Their Eyes Were Watching God. Amistad. 978-0060838676.