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Donor Honor Roll

The University of Houston Honors College would like to thank the donors for this year’s 20th Anniversary of The Great Conversation.


Robert and Jane (’83) Cizik

Main Street Capital

The Fred and Mabel R. Parks Foundation

Matthew (’00) and Tamara (’99) Steele


Jeff Dodd (’76) and Susan (’79) Ohsfeldt

Ed (’93) and Michelle Noack

Waste Connections of Texas—

Benson Henry


Lynne and Bill Bonham and Catherine Campbell Brock (’84) and Dr. Gary Brock (’96)

Tom and Fran Callahan and M. Truman (’50) and Rebecca Arnold

Kim (’94) and Michael (’94) Gapinski

Steve Hecht (’88, ’95) and Deborah Brochstein

Karen (’95) and Andrew (’95) Webster 


Briana J. Bassler (’04), Ray A. Hafner (’05), and Kathie Bassler

Rev. Kylyn Taylor and Mrs. Connie Simmons Taylor (’91)


Gerald (’93, ’98) and Olga (’95) Balboa

Sara (’85) and Mark Bettencourt and Steve and Vicki Smith

David Brinkley

Tim (’97) and Michelle (’99) Brown

Centerpoint Energy

Sandra and M.H. “Butch” (’76, ’79) Cersonsky

Mary Jo (’58) and Richard Coselli (’55, ’58) and Moye (’55, ’58) and Shirley Wicks


Christopher Dodd (’07) and Alejandro Capetillo (’08)

Craig (’94) and Tammi Enochs and Randel Young (’80) and Patricia White (’78)

Mrs. Harriett S. Goodman and Mrs. Sara E. White

Tim Headley (’71, ’84)

Clay Hoster (’73)

Jackson Walker L.L.P.

Will (’89) and Janet Marlow

Laura and Brad McWilliams and Susan Heuer (’89)

Carl Moerer (’79)

Northern Trust Bank

Parker School Uniforms

Lou Pelz

Carroll (’02) and Hugh Ray

Lillie Robertson

WEDGE Group Incorporated


Susan Antel

Ray B. and Margaret C. Bailey

Anne and Bob Baillio

Maurice Bass

Hanskarl (’03) and Beth (’03) Borck

Benadetto G. Bosco

Phyllis Childress

N. Clegg (’98)

Paul Colbert (’71)

Martin (’80) and Terry Cominsky

Ryan Crane (’94)

Steve Ding (’05)

Tommy (’80) and Elaine (’82) Ebner

Roderick Echols (’90) and

Andrea C. Lewis Echols (’92)

Aristotle Economon (’89)

Ted and Sybil Estess

Martin Fein and Kelli (’04, ’09) Cohen Fein

Delaine J. Foss (’94)

Raymond T. Garcia (’64, ’88)

Sean Gorman (’85, ’88)

Lynda (’93) and Terry (’75, ’80) Hallmark 

Michael W. Harlan

Barbara and Ernest Henley

Bill Kelly

Anne Lamkin Kinder

Caroline and Eddie Kuntz

Mark Leifeste

Scott (’94) and Connica (’01) Lemond

Michael Lore (’90)

Joycelyn Marek (’78)

Mary Hale Lovett McLean

Helen Marie and Bill Monroe

Ralph S. O’Connor

Kevin O’Gorman (’89) and

Susan Hardwick-Smith M.D. (’95)

Jan and Tom Phipps

Nehal Rahim (’98)

Todd (’94) and Lanette Ramey

Beth Robertson

Regina Rogers (’70)

Deborah and Herbert Rothschild Jr.

Brenda Schroeder

Deborah Selden ( ’82, ’07)

Eugenia Senfft Von Pilsach

Carey C. Shuart

Bud Light/Silver Eagle Distributors

Rita Sirrieh ( ’10)

Larry Ting ( ’08)

Shelton M. Vaughan ( ’88)

Trey ( ’92, ’02) and Kimberly ( ’93) Wilkinson

Isabel B. and Wallace S. Wilson