Amna Saiyed - University of Houston
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Amna Saiyed

Amna Saiyed

Honors College Faculty 

Dr. Amna Saiyed is an alumna from the University of Houston. She joined the Honors College in fall 2023 but has been teaching undergraduate psychology courses at the University of Houston since 2016. Courses include:  Abnormal Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Child Development, Statistics, Physiological Psychology,  Psychology of Older Adults, and Intro to Psychology.

Amna was born and raised in Houston, she received her PsyD doctoral degree in 2019, and her dissertation consisted of perceptions of eating disorders in women of color.

Her research primarily focuses on highlighting health disparities in minority communities and allowing greater access to care. Her research is dedicated to organizing educational workshops, community health fairs, and advocacy campaigns to raise awareness about the disparities in healthcare access and promote culturally sensitive care to bridge the gap between marginalized communities and medical resources.