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John Lunstroth

Honors College Faculty


John Lunstroth is an interdisciplinary scholar with a focus on health and medicine, religions, history and ethics/rights. He graduated from the UH law school with a JD in 1982 and has been licensed to practice law since then. In 2002 he went back to UH law school for an advanced degree in health law & policy (LLM), during which he started formally studying the history of medicine and science, something he had been interested in since the late 70s. It was then (late 70s) he began meditating and studying and practicing yoga and chi gong. He also started studying public international law. He then spent two years at Columbia University, primarily in the Mailman School of Public Health (MPH), where he continued studying the history and ethics of medicine and public health, and the history and philosophy of human rights and international law. In 2010 he started teaching in the UH law school (research professor), where he taught for 5 years. At the same time he started teaching at the UH Honors College.

He is a Fellow with the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics & Human Rights where he has been a member of an international group of scholars since 2012 that meets regularly to compare different religious approaches to specific bioethical problems.

He is a Lecturer in the Medicine & Society Minor where he regularly teaches comparative medicine, health & human rights, and topics in public health. He has also taught the following courses:

Ethics of AI and Health, Honors, S19,
History of the Philosophy of Law, UH Law, S14
Health & human rights, UH Law, S2010, S2011, S2012, F2013
Public health law, UH Law F2010, F2011, F2012
History of the law/ethics of war, tutorial in Law and Honors, S2011
Health policy, Honors S2012, S20, S21, S22
Hindu Bioethics, Honors F2018
History and theory of ethics, Honors 2020

Representative publications:
Yoga/Sāṃkhya, Memory Modifying Technologies, and Authenticity, AJOB Neuroscience Volume 12, 2021 - Issue 1, 2021

Karma in Bioethics Reasoning, in Advancing Global Bioethics, Vol. 9, Joseph Tham et al. (Eds): Religious Perspectives on Social Responsibility in Health (2018)

Cultural Diversity in UNESCO Bioethics,, in RELIGIOUS PERSPECTIVES ON HUMAN VULNERABILITY IN BIOETHICS (eds. Joseph Tham, Alberto Garcia, Miranda Gonzalo, 2015, forthcoming)

John Lunstroth, Kimberly Enard & Lovell Jones, Eliminating Cancer Disparities through Legislative Action, in CANCER AND HEALTH POLICY: ADVANCEMENTS AND OPPORTUNITIES (eds. Janice Phillips and Barbara Damron, 2015).

Recognizing Younger Citizens: Statutes and Structures in Support of Earlier Adulthood, Michigan State University College of Law Journal of Medicine and Law, Vol. 18, No. 1, 2014

Torture and the Regulation of the Health Care Professions, in PHYSICIANS AT WAR: THE DUAL-LOYALTIES CHALLENGE (Fritz Allhof, ed. 2008) 

A Proposed Analysts’ Code of Ethics, 16 DEF. INTELLIGENCE J. 157 (2007).

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Linking Virtue with Justice: Aristotle on the Melian Dialogue, 12 INT’L LEGAL THEORY 99 (2007).

Voluntary Self-Regulation of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioners, 70 ALB. L. REV. 109 (2006).