Larry Lyke - University of Houston
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Larry Lyke

Honors College Staff
Academic Advisor

Phone: 713.743.9010

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Larry hails from South Dakota — essentially the southernmost province of Canada. His parents moved around a great deal when he was young, but he always managed to find them. Larry, unsurprisingly, has a bachelor's degree in history. After college, he tried a number of things, including graduate schools. A couple of them granted him the degree he sought, mostly to be rid of him.

Larry is an academic adviser in the Honors College and is among the instructors of the Human Situation class. As any of his advisees in Honors will attest, when it comes to advice, Larry is full of it. Indeed, his students in Human Situation share this opinion with regard to his teaching.

This year is especially fortuitous the numerical value of Larry’s age will match his IQ. Few people achieve this milestone!