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The FrameWorks Program, founded in 2019, is a collaboration between the The Honors College Creative Work Minor and the Office of Undergraduate Research. A co-curricular offering, FrameWorks provides sophomores and juniors a supportive community of peers and faculty mentors as they conceive, research, write, present, and ultimately publish critical essays that draw on the interdisciplinary humanities. The program culminates every Spring with the FrameWorks Symposium at which Fellows will publicly present their work. Essays that meet editorial standards will be included in the FrameWorks Journal, which will be published around Convocation of the following year. The best essay will be awarded The FrameWorks Prize for Excellence in Humanities Research valued at $1000.


The FrameWorks Program is a year-long process in which students will write an essay that critically engages the cultural artifact of their choosing in keeping with an annual theme. In 2020/2021 the theme is “Unknown.” Fellows will be required to frame their inquiry using the interdisciplinary humanities. Any and all humanities disciplines may be used: from Art History to Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, from Philosophy to Performance Studies, from Literary Studies to Sociology to History, and so forth.

Throughout the year, the FrameWorks Program will provide support for the writing process in the following ways:

  • Fellows will meet as a cohort four or five times a semester for Writing workshops and Peer-review sessions.
  • The FrameWorks Program will provide a clear and achievable series of deadlines to help keep you on track for your writing process.
  • FrameWorks Fellows will be assigned a faculty mentor who will advise them in one-on-one meetings, read drafts, and provide feedback. Fellows and their faculty members will meet once every three weeks.
  • Twice a semester, faculty members with expertise in the interdisciplinary humanities will be invited to model their critical approaches in the FrameWorks Speakers Series.
  • The FrameWorks Program incentivizes high quality humanistic endeavor with the promise of paper presentations at a public Symposium, and the possibility of publication in the FrameWorks


If you have any questions, email Dr. Max Rayneard