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Congratulations to our American Public Health Association (APHA) 2023 Presenters!

With support from the Office of Undergraduate Research and Major Awards (OURMA) and the Community Health Workers Initiative (CHWI) the
Honors College supported five undergraduate student presenters, Mielad Ziaee, Vivienne Pham, Tammy Tran, Thai Tran, and Vyshnavi Davuluri in
attending the American Public Health Association (APHA) Conference in Atlanta! APHA’s theme this year was “Overcoming Social and Ethical
Challenges” and the students had a chance to attend scientific and public health presentations and discussions and meet sponsors and exhibitors at the

Student Presentations

  • Community-Based Approach in Food Distribution and Communication Networks

    Presenters: Mielad Ziaee and Vivienne Pham
    Co-authors: Andrew Kapral PhD , Linda Civallero MPH, and David Buck, MD, MPH
    Session: Poster
  • Operation Fusion: Blending Culture and Health in Refugee and Immigrant Youth

    Presenters: Tammy Tran , Thai Anthony Tran, and Vyshnavi Davuluri
    Session: Panel Discussion

Staff Presentations

  • Project Based Learning and Community Health Worker Outcomes

    Presenters: Cindy Paz, PMP, CHES, CHWI and Daniel Price, PhD
    Session: Round table discussion