Responsive Resourcing (RR) - University of Houston
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Project Description

Responsive Resourcing aims to support the local community members during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond by assisting community health workers in resource matching. Volunteers will be searching for and verifying resources online that alleviate resource gaps (such as lack of food, supplies, and psychosocial care) in a unique, collaborative partnership with community health workers. In addition, volunteers will have opportunities to volunteer with and shadow community health workers to gain an in-person insight into their work on the field. Responsive Resourcing also educates students on common public health barriers through interactive workshops to bring awareness and perspective to the students.

Plans Moving Forward

To ensure the health, safety and convenience for all RR participants, the entirety of the RR project will be conducted through a hybrid format. RR will have opportunities for those who would like to participate in in-person events, such as volunteering at Power4Life events, helping at COVID-19 vaccination sites and shadowing community health workers (CHWs). Students that are joining RR will be learning about community issues affecting the hubs we serve through in-person and online interactive workshops. Student volunteers will also address those very community issues by locating resources with CHWs from communities across Houston during feedback loop meetings. As a team, we will be working together to find and verify online resources to support community members in need. Through RR, you can help bridge health disparities, as well as gain unique experiences and knowledge from the CHWs you will be collaborating with.

Member Expectations 

  • 1 hour per week student commitment
  • Students must attend both workshop and feedback loop meetings 

Project Heads 

Audrey Huang, Kinesiology, Senior

Rani Nune, Biology, Junior

Christina Kuruvilla, Biomedical Engineering, Sophomore



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