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Civic Houston Internship Program


Harris County Commissioner Lesley Briones with the fall 2023 CHIP Interns

The Hobby School of Public Affairs' Civic Houston Internship Program (CHIP) offers internships with government offices, nonprofit organizations, campaigns, and also with the private sector to University of Houston students each fall and spring semester. Since its inception over 25 years ago, the program has been a resounding success, placing more than 1700 interns in local offices throughout the greater Houston area, many of whom have been able to secure full time positions following their internships.

Meet the spring 2024 interns!

Spring 2024 Program Information

The Civic Houston Internship Program (CHIP) is open to University of Houston juniors and seniors, as well as post-baccalaureate students. Sophomores may apply as well but priority is given to upper level students. All majors are welcome. Students with a 3.0 GPA and higher will also be given priority in acceptance and assignment decisions.

Interns work an average of 8 hours per week over the 15-week semester and meet as a class four times during the semester. Grades are based on a daily journal, a term paper, and an assessment by the office supervisor. The internship course counts as 3 hours of upper level political science or public policy credit for University of Houston students. 
Renee Cross, Senior Executive Director and Researcher, is the instructor of record. 

Approximately 40 internships are available each semester, and the selection process has become increasingly competitive.

It is important to note that CHIP internship placements focus solely on government offices, nonprofit organizations, political campaigns, and a few positions within the private sector. If you are seeking opportunities in international affairs or law, please see the International Affairs Internship Program or the Public Law Internship.


The application deadline is now closed. We are still accepting applications on a rolling basis, but acceptance into the program will depend on the amount of available positions.

Have you secured your own internship in a government office, nonprofit organization, campaign, or other role related to public service? Contact Jessica Ruland O'Connor at to see how you can obtain upper level political science or public policy credit.

To access the Civic Houston Internship Program application, click here

General questions about the Civic Houston Internship Program may be directed to Jessica Ruland O'Connor at

Check out the sample syllabus.

Civic Houston Internship Program Award

The CHIP Award was established in 2003 to recognize an outstanding local government intern.  A $1,000 award is presented to one recipient each fall and spring semester.  Read more.

CHIP Success Stories

Over one thousand students have participated in the Civic Houston Internship Program.  Read about their success after their internship.

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keith-wade_spring-chip group photo

Hobby School of Public Affairs Advisory Board Member Keith Wade with the spring 2020 CHIP Interns