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Spring 2014 Civic Houston Interns

Gene Green

Spring 2014 CHIP Interns with Congressman Gene Green



Spring 2014 CHIP Interns with State Representative Carol Alvarado


Council Member Gonzalez

Spring 2014 CHIP Interns with Council Member Ed Gonzalez


Congressman John Culberson & County Tax Assessor-Collector Mike Sullivan Erik Smith

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee Adam Johnson

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee Ethel Somtoochukwu

Congressman Pete Olson Johnathan Flerchinger

Congressman Pete Olson Isaac Idicula

Congressman Pete Olson Brittany Sutton

Congressman Ted Poe Rachel Smith

State Senator Sylvia Garcia Maria Ridley

State Senator Sylvia Garcia Matthew Valenzuela

State Senator John Whitmire Tatiana Lutomski

State Representative Carol Alvarado Emma Oliver

State Representative Jessica Farrar Christina Lopez

State Representative Ana Hernandez Luna Jacqueline Sanchez

State Representative Dan Huberty Bryan Shea

State Representative Armando Walle Benjamin Daily

County Commissioner El Franco Lee William Souraphath

County Tax Assessor-Collector Mike Sullivan Will Fischer

City of Houston Office of International Trade and Development Juan Jaramillo

City of Houston Office of International Trade and Development Anastasia Kirichenko

Controller Ron Green Melissa Allala

Controller Ron Green Jocelyn Bermudez

Controller Ron Green Yatindra Chahar

Controller Ron Green Emily Kusnerik

Council Member Ellen Cohen Sehar Hirani

Council Member Ellen Cohen Fizza Raza

Council Member Ellen Cohen Valerie Luna

Council Member Jerry Davis Darian Hughes

Council Member Jerry Davis Ja' Terrell Moffett

Council Member Ed Gonzalez Yvette Hernandez

Council Member Ed Gonzalez Kirston Otis

Council Member Ed Gonzalez Jacob Torres

Non-Profit Organizations

Legacy Community Health Center Travis Bertram-Poor

Neighborhood Centers, Inc. Andrea Johnson

Neighborhood Centers, Inc. Shanel Thomas

Texas Public Interest Research Group Crystal Sowemimo 

Campaigns & Political Consultants

David Dewhurst for Lieutenant Governor Campaign Heidi Wiebelt

Jim Sharp for First Court of Appeals Campaign - Mariah Berry

Malachi Boyuls for Texas Railroad Commissioner Campaign Hayden Holmes

Outreach Strategists Benjamin Hanna

Outreach Strategists Catherine Tassin de Montaigu


Council Member Gonzalez

Council Member Ed Gonzalez with Chief of Staff Jerry Peruchini and District H CHIP Interns Jacob Torres, Yvette Hernandez and Kirston Otis




State Representative Carol Alvarado with CHIP Interns Andrea Johnson and Emma Oliver