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Global After Graduation

Fellowships and Scholarships

For questions on any of the above, please contact Dr. Ben Rayder, Director of National Fellowships and Major Awards in the Honors College, Office of Undergraduate Research btrayder@central.uh.edu 

Volunteer and Service Opportunities

The following organizations provide individuals with the opportunity to complete volunteer service work in the United States and abroad. Stipends, living expenses, and/or accommodation may be provided during term of service.   

  • Peace Corps - U.S. citizens interested in international development work abroad
  • AmeriCorps - U.S. citizens interested in community development work in the United States
  • WOOF - volunteer opportunities on organic farms in the U.S. and abroad

Teach Abroad Programs

Work Abroad Resources

Please note - most countries require that non-citizens secure a visa in order to participate in the workforce. Please be sure that you are familiar with all applicable immigration and labor laws if seeking employment in a country where you are not a citizen.