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Faculty Awards and Funding

Global Faculty Award

The Global Faculty Award, sponsored by the Office of the Provost, is given to full-time tenured, tenure-track, and promotion eligible non-tenure track faculty who have demonstrated excellence in the promotion of globalization of teaching, research, and/or service. For nomination processes and more information about the Global Faculty award, please click the link above.

The 2024 application deadline was Feb. 3, 2024. Next year's deadline will be announced in Fall 2024. Please submit all applications to uhglobal@uh.edu.

Global Faculty Development Fund

The Global Faculty Development Fund (GFDF) was established to further faculty involvement in the globalization process of the university. This Provost initiative will increase both the assortment and quality of UH’s global programs by helping faculty to defray the costs of engaging in innovative global activities. For more information about the GFDF guidelines and the proposal, please click the link above.

Additional Global Funding Opportunities

Some additional organizations that support faculty’s global curriculum development and global engagement efforts include: