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Non-billable vs. Billable Requests

Following is a partial list of both maintenance services funded by the state and maintenance services that are not state funded and therefore chargeable to the customer.

Note: All Minor In-House Construction (MIC) services are 100% Billable. All auxiliary, retail, (non-E&G space), and departmental equipment and systems are treated as billable service.

Service Area Non-billable Request Billable Request
Custodial Services
  • Graffiti removal
  • Routine cleaning services performed daily in general use space such as lobbies, corridors, restrooms, and other public areas
  • Routine cleaning services in labs, offices, classrooms, and other supported areas.
  • Spill cleanup in public area
  • Trash removal - regular trash in standard containers
  • Window washing--entrances and any areas accessible from a sidewalk and not obstructed by landscaping
  • trash receptacles emptied
  • replace trash liners
  • restroom cleaning/disinfecting
  • restocking of paper goods and soap in restrooms
  • vacuuming of carpet
  • dust mopping
  • wet mopping and buffing of floors
  • cleaning entrance door glass
  • cleaning/disinfecting drinking fountains
  • stairwell cleaning
  • handrail/banisters damp wiping
  • dusting window sills and ledges
  • cleaning chalk boards and trays
  • spot shampooing carpet as needed
  • spot cleaning finger marks as needed
  • strip, scrub, refinish floors as scheduled
  • shampoo carpets as scheduled
  • Unlocking/locking of all building entrances and classrooms/labs
  • Carpet cleaning beyond established schedule
  • Event setups, table and chair rental
  • High-clean requests
  • Spill clean-up in department spaces
  • Project clean-up over and above routine cleaning
  • Special service requests such as extra paper products, additional trash cans, walk-off mats, special event cleanup above and beyond established routine cleaning
  • Trash removal of irregular items or excess accumulations above and beyond everyday norms--EITHER SOLID WASTE OR MOVES AND EVENTS--depending on the nature of the trash/items
  • Window washing over and above scheduled washing
  • Classroom seating
  • Ceilings, Grating, Hanging
  • Door: repair and installation
  • Flooring
  • Sheetrock: repair, patching, floating
  • Cabinet repairs
  • Special projects
  • Designs and builds custom furniture
  • Stages, banners, boards, plaques
  • Building power distribution 
  • Exterior & interior building lighting (*All street & sidewalk lighting are the responsibility of Utility Services.)
  • Pump controls
  • Motor control
  • Small project installations/modifications
  • Any work performed on inter-departmental equipment
  • All general elevator maintenance and repair
  • Maintenance of all university elevators
  • Other lift systems (dock lever, handicapped lifts (Library, etc.)
  • Official inspection of elevators and certified reporting to the State of Texas.
  • Conduct weekly, monthly, and quarterly preventive maintenance.
  • Check operations daily.
  • Welding Services, All repair's not related to AUX SLA Contracts
  • All after hours calls related to aux buildings
  • Modernization project
  • Standby for special events and move ins 
Fire and Life Safety
  • Maintains fire alarm systems for over 50 central campus buildings.
  • Annual testing and fire drills
  • Assist in all new installations
  • First response team in fire-related warnings.
  • Disables and enables for events/athletics & any special event; for dust & burn permits for contractors/projects and for fire protection shut down permits (sprinklers) for contractors/projects.
  • Additions to fire alarm systems/small projects. 
  • Annual fire alarm inspections for auxiliary Buildings & residential Life. 
  • Assist Fire Marshal’s office in acceptance test for new installations should be paid for through project. 
  • Any fire alarm or sprinkler repairs for auxiliary buildings & residential life.
Grounds Services
  • Zone Operations:
    • Mowing
    • Edging
    • Blowing
  • Garden Operations:
    • Flower bed planting
    • Flower bed maintenance
    • Litter pick-up
  • Tree / Shrub Operations:
    • Trimming / Pruning Tree
    • planting / replanting
    • Tree removal
    • Tree chemical treatment
  • Irrigation
    • Installation
    • Repairs
    • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Pest Control:
    • Insect/pest/rodent control
    • Weed control spraying
    • Termite treatment
    • Mosquito Spraying
  • Mechanic
    • Equipment repair
    • Equipment preventive maintenance
    • Order parts
  • Special Operations:
    • Drainage/culvert cleaning
    • Inclement weather preparedness/response
  • Pest Control for Bed Bugs, termites and raspberry ants

  • Extremely heavy trash/equipment items located in labs and locations outside the main campus, such as ERP etc…
Key & Lock
  • Maintain mechanical and electrical door locking hardware
  • Public Access Control
  • Room signage replacement
  • Overall security access to buildings
  • Technical consulting
  • Maintain automatic doors
  • Lock re-keying, installation
  • Personalized name plates
  • Engraves and installs interior signage
  • Key Cutting Services
  • Maintain the plumbing, vacuum and mechanical systems
  • Any work performed on inter-departmental equipment
  • Routine painting maintenance and in-house construction
  • Roll, brush, and spray painting
  • Plaster repair
  • Sheetrock repair
  • Texturing
  • Stain and finish
  • Wall covering
  • Furniture refinishing
  • Furniture staining & finishing
  • Maintain pumps servicing domestic hot & cold water, storm, and sanitary systems
  • The Campus underground domestic water (in excess of 4 miles of underground piping) and waste water infrastructure.
  • Building plumbing systems *(all of our shops have heightened responsibilities for all the research, science & lab facilities)
  • Building domestic water pumping systems
  • Storm and waste pumps
  • Domestic water pumps
  • Campus & Building Natural Gas infrastructure
  • Drinking fountain maintenance
  • Vacuum pumps systems

HVAC Services
Bldg Mgt
Lab Services        
PM Services

  • Fume hoods and exhaust systems maintenance.
  • Ducts, stand-alone chillers, boilers, and refrigerant A/C systems outside of Power Plant repair and maintenance.                          
  • Climate control for all buildings.
  • General control repairs/moderations.
  • Specialized or lab air compressor maintenance.
  • Small project installations/modifications.   
  • Preventive Maintenances for SHRL/Auxiliary Buildings.                                            
  • Repairs/Modifications for SHRL/Auxiliary Buildings.
  • Vivarium watering systems repairs
  • Any work performed on inter-departmental equipment
  • Engraves and installs interior signage
  • Personalized name plates
Structural Maintenance
  • Building roof maintenance & preventive maintenance
  • Power washing of sidewalks and breezeways
  • Sidewalks and concrete project 
  • Flag duties
  • Pools and Fountains maintenance
  • Parking lot stripping maintenance

Billing Table updated 5/5/2017