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Pest Control

The Facilities Management Compliance team, with the help of a professional extermination company, is committed to providing pest control on the interior and exterior of most buildings on campus and the College of Pharmacy at the Texas Medical Center.

Services We Provide

Treatment of:

  • Insects (bees, gnats, ants, mosquitoes)
  • Birds
  • Bed Bugs
  • Termites
  • Rodents
  • No Stray Animals (Honey Bees, Bats, and others classified as protected species)


What should I do if I encounter a stray animal on campus?
If stray or injured animals are seen on campus, they should not be approached as they may carry communicable diseases. If you see a stray or injured animal on campus, please contact the Facilities Service Center at 713-743-4948 or City of Houston Animal Control and provide the location of the animal.

The Pest Control team can provide education to the campus community about the best procedures to follow to reduce or avoid possible pest infestations. These include properly discarding and removing food trash on a daily basis and how to properly store food that is kept in the lab or office area.

Are pest control services billable?
Most pest control services are not billable to departments. However, certain long-term treatments (termite, fly lights, project pest control) can incur additional charges.

For all pest control service requests and questions, please contact the Facilities Service Center at 713-743-4948; the request will be processed and a work order will initiated.