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Paint Palette


  • The approved color palette will be used as the standard on all new and existing building interiors.
  • All standard colors will be readily available on campus.
  • If an exception is requested (i.e. a custom color), it must be approved by the Dean of the college or the Vice President of the department before it is submitted to the Facilities department.
  • Disposal fees for all custom colors will be charged to the project painted. The college/department is responsible for returning all custom colored walls to the standard palette, upon departure from the space.
  • All rooms shall have only one accent wall color and one of the two base colors for the other three.
  • Panda White is specified for the base color for all new buildings.
  • Faculty, staff, or students are not allowed to paint their own space.
  • For additional information, please contact FIXIT Customer Service at


  • In auxiliary buildings, all painting is billable.
  • For E/G buildings, all painting in private spaces is billable including offices, conference rooms, labs, and departmental suites.
  • For common spaces, touch up painting is non-billable.
  • Full paints are billable, unless Facilities Services deems the existing paint beyond its useful life

NOTEPrinting the paint palette directly from the website document is useful as an informative document but it should be noted that it will not give accurate paint colors due to a variation on printers and copiers.


The official Paint Palette document with real paint chips is available  upon request by emailing Facilities Services