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Electrical & Lighting Services

Electrical group ensures reliable operation of high voltage and building electrical systems on campus.  Following is a summary of equipment/systems maintained and tasks performed:

  1. Ensure reliable operation of Cougar substation and all campus high-voltage electrical power distribution systems. 
  2. Maintain building electrical systems and equipment associated with building systems.
  3. Maintain interior & exterior lighting systems and receptacles.
  4. Maintain emergency generator systems.
  5. Perform electrical maintenance on all tunnels, walkways, on campus street lights and parking lot lights. 
  6. Assist with issues related to electrical  and with drawing reviews to ensure compliance with National Electrical Code and Life Safety codes.
  7. Small projects power and branch circuit installations and estimating.
  8. Special event support Graduations, sports, community functions, etc.
  9. Support Facilities Planning & Construction and Minor Planned Project in projects and attaining historical information.