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Learning, Instruction, & Student Success

The Learning, Instruction, and Student Success Cluster comprises faculty whose research examines (a) the ways in which individuals learn in authentic (formal or informal) contexts; (b) the impact of instructional methods and/or interventions that target learning needs; and/or (c) strategies that bolster student goals, achievement, and outcomes.

Innovative Measurement & Research Methods

The mission of this Cluster is twofold: First, to develop innovative measurement, statistical analysis, and quantitative research methods and evaluate their utility (e.g., causal inference, computerized adaptive testing, longitudinal data analysis, curriculum-based measurement). Second, to apply state-of-the-art quantitative and mixed research methods to significant educational, psychological, and societal issues (e.g., STEM learning outcomes, diverse learners, juvenile justice and crime, youth violence exposure).

Development of Risk & Resilience

The PHLS Development of Risk and Resilience Research Cluster focuses on understanding what promotes well-being, prevents problems, or reduces harm from problems. Members of this research Cluster are especially interested in understanding the biopsychosocial contributions to risk and resilience, and the social ecology of malleable factors related to health and educational disparities including socioculturally-sensitive intervention and social justice policies.

Behavioral Health & Health Disparities

The PHLS Behavioral Health and Health Disparities Cluster focuses on generating knowledge and practices that positively impact the overall physical and mental well-being of diverse populations. Members of this Cluster are particularly interested in (a) promoting well-being through prevention of and intervention with mental illness, as well as substance abuse or other health-compromising behaviors; and (b) addressing differences in health outcomes and health care associated with social, environmental, or economic disadvantages.

Multiculturalism & Social Justice

Faculty in this Cluster develop knowledge, perspectives, and understandings of other cultures that vary by race, ethnicity, language, social class, sexual orientation, gender and gender identity, and identity (among others) through the lifespan. This focus includes training on developing specific skills, competencies, and points of view needed by professionals in a multicultural society; examining equity, including the distribution of resources in all its forms; and advocating through scholarship.

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