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Since degree plans change periodically, students will follow the degree plan that is in place at the time in which they complete an official, signed degree plan. Following are the most current sample degree plans (Academic Maps) for HDFS majors:

College of Education Sample Degree Plans/Academic Map

Human Development & Family Sciences Course Rotation Schedule

Semester Course # Course Title Prerequisite
Fall, Spring, Summer 1300 Development of Contemporary Families n/a
Fall, Spring, Summer 2317 Introduction to Human Development and Intervention n/a
Spring 3317 Prenatal and Infant Development HDFS 2317*
Spring 3318 Human Ecology and Adult Development HDFS 2317*
Spring, Summer 3350 Child Development Practicum HDFS 2317*
Fall 4315 Analysis of Community Resources and Human Services HDCS330 & 4300, HDFS 2317 + 6 HDFS hrs
Fall 4316 The Development of Social Relations in the Family HDFS 2317*
Fall 4317 Theory and Practice in Programs for Young Children I HDFS 2317, HDFS 3350*
Fall 4318 Human Ecology of Parenting HDFS 2317*
Spring 4319 Theory and practice in Programs for Young Children II HDFS 2317, HDFS 3350, HDFS 4317*,**
Spring 4320 Evaluating Educational Programs for Young Children HDFS 4317
Fall, Spring, Summer 4393 Internship in Human Development & Family Sciences HDFS major & senior standing
Fall, Spring, Summer 4394 Internship in Human Development & Family Sciences HDFS major & senior standing
Fall, Spring
(when offered)
4397 Selected Topics in Human Development & Family Sciences Junior standing in HDFS & instructor permission

* Or consent of instructor
** May be taken concurrently

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