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Prerequisite Skills for (M. Ed.) in Learning, Design & Technology

Students beginning the Curriculum & Instruction - Learning, Design & Technology graduate programs should be comfortable using the following technology tools and resources:

  • Electronic Communication:

Students should be able to communicate electronically with their instructors and peers in the IT program through e-mail and online discussion systems.

  • Electronic Information:

Students should be able to locate and manage electronic information through the effective use of a variety of search engines and by searching online databases, including the UH Library resources.

  • File Management:

Students should understand and practice the correct naming and organizing of files stored on both local and network storage, the extraction of compressed files, and the use of file transfer software.

  • Use of Software:

Students should be able to locate, identify and install software appropriate to various needs, including Internet plug-ins (such as Acrobat Reader, Shockwave, QuickTime, etc.), shareware, freeware, demo software, LE versions, and updates of existing software.

  • Use of Productivity Software:

Students should be comfortable using some of the advanced features of productivity tools; including word processing, spreadsheets and databases.

  • Understanding and Using Graphics:

Students should be able to create and edit basic graphic files, including using graphic formats appropriately, using scanners and digital cameras to obtain images, creating screen capture images, locating graphic clipart online, and using basic graphic software to manipulate graphic elements.

  • Understanding and Using Audio:

Students should be able to locate and listen to online audio clips, have a basic understanding of the different audio formats, and record simple audio files.

  • Presentation Software:

Students should know the basics of how to create computer-based presentations and publish the presentations in a variety of formats.

If students have a concern that they do not meet these skills, they should discuss with their advisors the possibility of taking CUIN 6320, Technology in the Classroom, as an elective prerequisite to other courses in the program.

To apply for this program, please see the Graduate Admissions page.

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