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BOUNCE research aims to examine parental, cultural, psychological (e.g., teasing and body image dissatisfaction), and socio-environmental factors associated with childhood obesity in Hispanic and African American children and families. BOUNCE develops and evaluates the community and family-based childhood obesity treatments by utilizing behavior, nutrition, and exercise components, use of technology (e.g., smartphones, iPads), and use of accelerometry. By applying advanced assessment tools, BOUNCE researches the influence of parental, accultural, psychological, and environmental factors associated with children’s eating practices and physical activity levels in minority and immigrant populations.

Collaborative Experts

Funded Grants and Projects


Funded by the United Health Foundation, BOUNCE Summer Wellness is a four-week summer program focused on physical activity, nutrition education and counseling for youth ages 9-14.

Funded by the ACES Institute, Master Growers Club offers weekly gardening lessons with nutrition education for youth.
Funded the United Health Foundation, Lace Up and Move is an after-school exercise program focused on physical activity, nutrition education and mindfulness for youth ages 9-14.
Funded by USDA, Eye to the Future is an internship program that offers experiential learning in planning, implementing and evaluating community health programs to Hispanic college students.
Funded by the Aetna Foundation, Nutrition Ambassador Program offers workshops focused on nutrition education, mindful eating, exercise tips and cooking demonstrations for adults.
Funded by USDA, Abriendo Caminos is a multi-site, family wellness program focused on nutrition education and shared meal time.