Infant/Toddler - University of Houston
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Age-appropriate learning assessments and Developmentally Appropriate Practices are used to guide the curriculum for each individual child's growth and development.

Learning zones are set up to meet the developmental needs of the children by provid ing the opportunity to make choices.

Communication is established with families through daily notes, emails and informal conversations.

The Infant room is for children age 3 months to approximately 12 months. The curriculum is designed for the babies to learn, play and grow in a nurturing, creative world. Our goal is to help the infant's mind and body develop while creating a strong bond with each child that ensures the best start in life.

The Toddler rooms are for children approximately ages 13-36 months. The curriculum for toddlers is designed to gently guide the child to a whole new world where they receive a balance of nurturing, playtime and learning throughout the day. Daily activities build cognitive skills, expressive and receptive language, fine and gross motor skills, social skills and self-help skills as the child explores the continually expanding world around them. Lesson plans and activities are based on each child's progression toward developmental milestones.