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Gamma Rho, the University of Houston Chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, National Collegiate Honor Society (established in 1919), conducted an initiation ceremony of 18 Active Members on April 21st, 2017

This ceremony was of great importance due to the fact that the Chapter Gamma Rho was reactivated after twenty years; the last initiation ceremony was conducted in 1997. All the new members initiated in the recent ceremony, five undergraduate and thirteen graduate students, were accepted as members of Sigma Delta Pi because of their impressive academic merits. An important number of relatives and friends was present to enjoy this moment with the new members.

At this April 2017 ceremony Sigma Delta Pi received The Ilustrísimo Cónsul de España in Houston, Mr. Enric Panés Calpe, as Honorary Member of the Academic Society. The Chapter Gamma Rho was proud to receive such a distinguished new honorary member.

The Chapter Officers of Gamma Rho, elected by all the members of the chapter, were presented during this ceremony. This Junta Directiva 2017-2018 is composed by Isis Campos (President), Annette Zapata (Vice-President), Estela Hernández (Treasurer), Tatiana Ferrer (Secretary), Silvia Fernández and Madeline Reyes (Historians). 

The Chapter Officers were in charge of the initiation of the new Active Members and Dr. Manuel J. Gutiérrez, the Chapter Adviser, conducted the initiation of the Honorary Member. Dr. Marta Fairclough was the Master of Ceremony and Dr. María Elena Soliño introduced the chapter officers. The work developed by all of them made of this ceremony a very successful event.

The motto of Sigma Delta Pi is the Greek phrase Spanías Didagéi Proágomen and its most accurate translation is "Let's go forth/continue forth under the teaching/guidance of the Spanish Language."

For more information and a photo gallery of the April 21st, 2017 initiation ceremony you can visit: @SigmaDeltaPiGammaRho

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