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  • Gabriela Baeza Ventura: Executive Editor of Arte Público Press, Women’s Studies, Digital Humanities and Children’s Literature.
  • Marta Fairclough: Director of the Spanish Heritage Language Program and Director of the Graduate Certificate in Spanish as a Heritage Language, member of the North American Academy of the Spanish Language.

  • Elizabeth Goodin-Mayeda: Spanish dialectology and phonology, Director of Graduate Studies.

  • Manuel Gutiérrez: US Spanish Sociolinguistics, Languages in Contact, Language Variation and Change.

  • Nicolás Kanellos: Director of Arte Público Press and Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage, awarded Spain’s Cross of Isabel La Católica and the North American Academy of the Spanish Language’s Anderson Imbert Lifetime Achievement Award for Contributions to Hispanic Culture in the United States.

  • Christina Sisk: Us-Mexico Border Studies, US Latino film.