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The Clinical Psychology (Adult/CP) major area of study of the Clinical Psychology Training Program exists to generate and disseminate scientifically derived information regarding psychosocial factors influencing affective and physical health, and the development of evidence-based assessment, treatment, and prevention approaches for adult psychopathology and psychopathology-physical health comorbidities. Our training model for graduate students is to develop program graduates who are active generators of new scientific knowledge, as opposed to only consumers of such knowledge. As such, students are expected to maintain clear involvement in the formulation, execution, and dissemination of scientific research throughout their training. As such, the Clinical Psychology (Adult/CP) major would not be an optimal training program for prospective students who are primarily interested in clinical practice careers.

The CP (Adult) major aims to integrate scientific knowledge generation and practice across all levels of training, including formal coursework and experiential training (including clinical and laboratory work).