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Degree Requirements

General Degree Requirements

The Ph.D. in Kinesiology requires a minimum of 66 hours, including 6 hours of required doctoral dissertation hours.

Department Core: (12-15 hours)

PEP 8306 – Scientific Inquiry in Health Professions

PEP 8314 – Research Design and Methods

PEP 8323 – Programming and Proposal Writing

PEP 8350 – Candidacy Project

PEP 8350 – Candidacy Project (second semester if needed)

Analytical Methods (9 hours)

Students must complete 9 hours of analytical methods courses approved by their faculty advisory committee.       

Emphasis Area: (12 hours)

Students must complete 12 credits from their emphasis area approved by their faculty advisory committee. Typically, students will fulfill this requirement through PEP 8304 – Journal Club, however the faculty advisory committee may approve additional courses.

Elective Courses: (18-27 hours)

Graduate level courses  (6000, 7000, 8000) offered inside or outside departments that are not used to meet previous requirements. Students will typically take 12 additional journal club hours and 6-15 hours of approved electives. Elective courses must be approved by the student’s faculty advisory committee. Additionally, students may take an additional 6 hours of PEP 8350 – Candidacy Project hours.

Dissertation Hours: (6-12 hours)