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Loss & Grief Related to COVID-19

That Discomfort You’re Feeling is Grief
Grief expert David Kessler provides perspective and advise on managing feels related to loss during this time. Read the full article >

Grieving Rituals Lost to COVID-19
Anthropology Professor Maribel Alvarez, says finding new rituals is important when navigating uncertain times. Read the full article >

Grieving Graduation
For soon-to-be graduates in high school and college — events like graduation, prom, grad night, and other end-of-year celebrations that would’ve brought together family and friends before they move onto the next chapter of their lives. These students didn’t have the chance to say proper goodbyes or make the most of what should’ve been their final days on campus. Here are 5 high school and college seniors on how they came to terms with Covid-19 affecting their final academic year, what commencement celebrations mean to them, and their hopes for the future. Read the full article >