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Get Parking Questions Answered at Upcoming Town Hall - posted on 07/29/21

Parking and Transportation Services is holding the virtual event on Wednesday, Aug. 4, from 1-2 p.m. to update students, faculty and staff on changes to services and programs this fall.

Parking Information for the Fall at UH at Sugar Land - posted on 06/24/21

Parking and Transportation Services is planning a virtual town hall meeting on Wednesday, July 24, to help inform the UH at Sugar Land community about permits and the parking program.

Changes Coming to Student Parking - posted on 04/23/21

The registration process for 2021-2022 student permits has been simplified, and there no longer is a separate rate for students who live on campus.

Zones for All: The Background, Benefits and Myths - posted on 04/19/21

By transitioning faculty and staff to the zones concept, it will eliminate the need to “hunt and search” for a space on daily basis. They will have a parking space within their assigned zone each and every day.

Changes Coming to Faculty-Staff Parking - posted on 04/15/21

Zones for All, lower prices for garage parking permits, and a discount on four of the gated lots on campus are among the changes faculty-staff will see this fall.

Virtual Town Halls Will Explain Changes Coming to Parking - posted on 04/14/21

Submit questions now to be answered during the gatherings, which will be held April 21 at 11 a.m. for faculty-staff, and April 22 at 1 p.m. for students.

Priority Renewal Period for Student Permits Now Underway - posted on 04/14/21

Current UH students who want to keep their same permit for the 2021-2022 year have until 11 p.m. Sunday, April 25, to renew it in their myParking account.

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Parking Permits - posted on 11/12/20

Have questions regarding permits as the end of the fall semester nears and you start planning for the spring term? Here are some of the questions students having been asking us. 

Answering Questions from the UH Community at Virtual Town Halls (Part 2) - posted on 11/10/20

See the answers to some of the questions asked by students for the second of two virtual town halls hosted this fall by Parking and Transportation Services. 

Answering Questions from the UH Community at Virtual Town Halls (Part 1) - posted on 11/05/20

See the answers to the questions posed by faculty and staff during the first of two virtual town halls hosted by Parking and Transportation Services. 

No More Having to Stand Around and Wait for Parking Help - posted on 08/19/20

New virtual queing system frees students, faculty and staff from having to stand in line while waiting for assistance at the PTS customer service location in the Lofts. 

Adjustments Made to Student Permit Payment Process - posted on 07/27/20

Students who have purchased an annual permit will not be paying the full cost of the permit up front. Instead, it is being split into two payments. 

Here's What to Do if You Choose to Cancel Your 2020-21 Permit Request - posted on 07/15/20

Those who registered for a parking permit for the upcoming year should fill out a form by July 22 to let us know you no longer want or need the permit.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Permit Registration Process - posted on 05/30/20

Student parking permit registration for the 2020-2021 academic year is scheduled to open Wednesday, June 10 and continue through June 28. Here are answers to some of the questions we are asked.

Expense Mitigation Strategies Bringing Changes in Service - posted on 05/26/20

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit Parking and Transportation Services particularly hard, but a plan recommended by the Transportation and Parking Advisory Committee will help the department get through the 2020-2021 fiscal year and meet its financial obligations.

What You Need to Know About the 2020-2021 Parking Permits - posted on 03/09/20

UPDATE: Because of the COVID-19 situation, the University of Houston delayed the opening of student parking registration. Registration for 2020-2021 permits originally was to begin in April.

Changes Come to Some Parking Lots and on the Way for Others - posted on 02/27/20

The changes to the parking landscape at the University of Houston includes lot closures and the revamping of a few others to modify and adjust how they are used.

A Closer Look at Two Changes Coming to Faculty/Staff Parking - posted on 12/17/19

Paygrade will no longer be a factor in deciding who gets priority for gated lots, while reserved, garage and gated permits will automatically renew each year.

Take Advantage of More Parking Flexibility Dec. 9-Jan. 12 - posted on 12/02/19

During this time, anyone with a valid University of Houston parking permit will be allowed to park in unrestricted spaces in any of the ungated lots on campus, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

New Parking Enforcement Tool Coming to Campus - posted on 11/13/19

The Barnacle is a light-weight device equipped with GPS that is attached to the windshield using two large suction cups, preventing the vehicle from being driven by blocking the view of anyone sitting in the driver’s seat.

Parking Meters Now Allow You to Use Your Phone to Extend Time - posted on 10/31/19

Parking and Transportation Services has implemented the extend-by-phone innovative new feature at all parking meters across campus, which for drivers eliminates the stress of having to worry if the time on the meter will expire before they return to their car.

Zipcar Now an Option for Members of COAST Program - posted on 10/24/19

There are two Zipcar COAST incentives for students, faculty and staff: receive $300 per year in Zipcar driving credits, or $120 per year in Zipcar driving credits plus $180 per year in METRO fare money.

Skip the Line, Book Online with Parking Express - posted on 09/30/19

The new online appointment booking service helps students, faculty and staff benefit from the flexibility of not having to wait in line to resolve a parking issue.

Back to Informing and Serving the UH Community - posted on 09/19/19

The Word on the Street blog, which was launched in 2015, will once again be the main go-to source of all campus parking and transportation information for students, faculty and staff.

Parking Guidance System is Here! - posted on 02/14/19

The University has installed a new parking guidance system in the garages that will direct parkers to open spaces using red and green lights, as well as illuminated signs detailing how many spaces are available.

New Cougar Line Shuttles - posted on 11/01/18

The campus Cougar Line shuttles have been replaced with new and improved buses for all of the Cougar Line routes. Riders will now enjoy free Wi-Fi, audible shuttle stop announcements and more!

Campus Parking on Game Day - posted on 8/31/18

The 2018 football home game schedule was released and in addition to the Saturday games, there are two Thursday games slotted for the UH campus.

Transportation Checklist - posted on 8/09/18

The fall semester is about to start and we wanted to share a quick guide to help make sure you are prepared for your campus commute.

License Plate Enforcement - posted on 6/12/18

UH Parking and Transportation is transitioning to License Plate Enforcement to better ensure space availability for permit holders.

Summer Updates - posted on 5/10/18

As we wrap up the spring semester and many Coogs leave campus for the summer, we would like to leave you all with some helpful information for the upcoming months. 

Zone Parking by the Numbers - posted on 4/25/18

With permit registration open for 2 weeks now, we wanted to take you behind the scenes of our registration process.

Addressing Zone Parking Concerns - posted on 4/12/18

We understand there are some questions and concerns regarding Zone Parking that have come up the past few days and we wanted to make sure these are addressed directly.

Permit Registration Launch Follow-up- posted on 4/11/18

Student permit registration launched this week, so we wanted to provide updates and answer some common questions we received. 

Progress Made in Parking and Transportation - posted on 4/03/18

The current theme surrounding UH Parking and Transportation is change and progress.

PART 4: Outreach Events - Parking Preview 2018-2019 - posted on 3/13/18

Part four of the Parking Preview for 2018-2019 series highlights the upcoming Outreach Events where PTS will be available to answer questions and provide information about transportation options for next year.

PART 3: Zone Parking for 2018-2019 - posted on 3/06/18

Part three of the Parking Preview for 2018-2019 series covers the new Zone Parking Program and the new permit registration process for students.

PART 2: Rate Changes for 2018-2019 - posted on 2/27/18

Part two of the Parking Preview for 2018-2019 series delves into the details of the new rates, including how rates are determined, where the money goes and some solutions for faculty, staff and students who want to save money.

PART 1: Parking Changes for 2018-2019 - posted on 2/20/18

In part one of the Parking Preview for 2018-2019 series, we take an early look at several of the main changes that will be happening next academic year.  

Parking Guidance System - posted on 1/22/18

This month we’re kicking off one of our parking improvement projects with the installation of a Parking Guidance System in the parking garages.

Semester Sign Off - posted on 12/8/17

Before we pause this blog for the winter to start preparing for the spring semester, I want to leave you with some helpful information.

TPAC - Your Parking and Transportation Committeeposted on 11/30/17

The Transportation and Parking Advisory Committee is a group of faculty, staff and student representatives that meet monthly with Parking and Transportation leadership to discuss and make recommendations on important transportation issues affecting campus.  

Permit Oversell Explained - posted on 11/14/17

This post covers all things related to permit oversell from what it is, why PTS uses it, what UH oversell rates are and more. 

Current UH Parking Projects - posted on 10/27/17

PTS is working on everything from a Parking Guidance System to planning a new parking garage. This post covers the status of these projects and more

Campus Parking During the Thursday Game Day - posted on 10/16/17

On Thursday, Oct. 19, people will be flooding the UH campus to watch the Cougars take on Memphis in TDECU Stadium. Campus roads, parking lots and garages will be affected, so everyone will need a plan for getting to campus that day.

Why is parking expensive? Doesn't my tuition pay for this? - posted on 9/28/17

There are some questions PTS sees repeatedly online about parking on campus, especially regarding prices. Read the answers to those questions in this week's post.

Teamwork Through Harvey - posted on 9/15/17

After Harvey shook up the start of the semester for everyone, I wanted to pause and give credit to my team for the work they did while we navigated the campus needs during and after the storm.

Which Permit Type is Right For You? - posted on 7/14/17

To start off the 2017-2018 academic year on the right foot, we want to make sure the rules and the perks of each permit type are clear. That's why we have created a complete list of all Faculty, Staff and Student permit options with details about what each permit type can do.

Remembering Leighanne Dean - posted on 6/23/17

This post is dedicated to remembering our good friend and coworker, Leighanne Dean. You may not know her by name, but she was the marketing queen responsible for the infographics and banners you saw and loved.

Summer Permits Still Available - posted on 6/1/17

Parking is still enforced as usual during all summer sessions, so if you don't have a permit already, be sure to purchase one through AccessUH.

Changes to Parking and Transportation Services in 2017-2018 - posted on 4/6/17

New permit rates and types, changing lot allocations and additional shuttle stops are just some of the things we're working to implement at the start of the fall semester. Learn about all of that and more in this week's post.

Commuter Spotlight - Jenna Done - posted on 2/17/17

Jenna Done, a senior pursuing a bachelor's degree in human resource development, commutes more then 40 miles one way to get to the University of Houston. Read about her take on public transportation and more in our latest commuter spotlight.

The End of Parking? - posted on 2/01/17

Industry trends and studies are forecasting some pretty interesting things regarding the future of parking not just here, but across the world. It will be interesting to see what this means for the future of our operations down the line.

Navigating Campus and Our City During Super Bowl LI - posted on 1/26/17

Coogs, the big game is less than two weeks away. The days leading up to the matchup between the Patriots and the Falcons are filled with a number of events, including some on our campus, so familiarize yourself with what's going on and be prepared to welcome thousands of visitors to our great city!

While You Were Away... - posted on 1/17/17

Classes may have been out of session, but we didn't stop working. Familiarize yourself some of the upgrades and changes we made to our services and parking lots over the winter break by reading the latest edition of Word on the Street. 

Commuter Spotlight: Sean Baser - posted on 12/8/16

Through press releases, social media posts, videos and more, we're constantly promoting and sharing information about the various services and programs offered through our department, yet we rarely, if EVER, take a step back and share the stories and feedback we hear from the individuals actually USING these services. Our new Commuter Spotlight series is working to change that as we begin to periodically highlight the various ways people can and are taking advantage of all Parking and Transportation Services has to offer them.

Fall 2016 in the Rearview Mirror posted on 11/22/16

From how to return a parking permit you won't need in the spring semester to how graduation may impact parking and transportation on campus, this week's blog posts covers some important items to keep in mind as the fall 2016 semester comes to a close.

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