Student Engagement Commons Added to Moody Towers

student engagement commonsVisitors to Moody Towers Dining Commons may have noticed the new lounge area near the front entrance that was added this semester.

The student engagement commons – complete with chairs, sofas and tables – is part of a larger overall vision to transform Moody Towers into more than just a place to eat, but also where students can gather at any time of the day to study, meet with friends and hang out. Students can also bring their gaming consoles with them and play with friends using the television that is mounted on one of the walls.

There are enough places to sit in the student engagement commons to accommodate close to two dozen guests at any given time.

The area goes hand in hand with the dining commons’ expanded hours of operation: It is now open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, a range of unlimited meal plans are available to students starting this semester. These plans allow students to come and go into the dining commons as often as they would like without ever having to worry about dwindling meal swipes.

On top of that, more charging outlets and improved Wi-Fi have improved the overall student experience in the dining commons.

The new student engagement commons is located in the area that previously had been a private dining room. The space is open to all guests any time of the day and is no longer available for reservation.

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