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UH Dining Vision Plan

  • Modern Cougar Woods

    Modern Cougar Woods

    A modern design for Cougar Woods

  • Communal seating

    Communal seating

    Communal style seating, maximizing space and student engagement

  • Growing produce

    Growing produce

    Freight farms, growing produce on campus

  • Moody Towers update

    Moody Towers update

    Updated visual design for Moody Towers incorporating UH pride

  • New Food Hall

    New Food Hall

    New Food Hall with communal style seating and exterior views

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In 2017, UH Dining began a transformation that includes the launch of a 24/7 residential dining commons, doubling the number of students served in the commons, completion of visual and merchandising refreshes in both residential dining halls and campus convenience stores, and the start of a deeper dive into understanding what the campus needs from UH Dining over the next five years.

This vision plan for dining on campus was produced through a collaborative process that involved primary and secondary research, facilities analysis, and involvement stakeholders throughout the vision planning process.

The overarching goal of this vision plan is to fill visionary and functional gaps in the campus dining experience, while keeping pace with continued growth at UH.

Goals of the plan include:

  • Improved access to food across campus
  • Expanded space to meet the growing campus population
  • Increased food variety
  • Modernized retail and residential dining
  • Increased student engagement through design, technology, student success and career opportunities

90% of this recommended investment is in the Residential District and Central District fueled by the reconstruction of Moody Towers and a new retail dining center. These two districts also happen to make up 92% of total dining revenue.

The following chart provides a summary, by district, of the resulting change to the current dining foodprint –

Based on fall 2018 enrollment, UH Dining has approximately 2.24 square feet per student for foodservice. By 2022, enrollment at UH is projected to be 47,549 Through the addition of 14,128 square feet of food service space as outlined in this vision plan, the square foot per student will increase to 2.44 per student. UH Dining will be well positioned to achieve the first two goals from the list above – improved access and space expansion – under this scenario. The remaining goals are achieved through researched based restaurant choices, the right design of dining spaces, and creative implementation of technology.

This vision plan will serve as a benchmark from which UH Dining will measure its progress towards its stated goals. Upon the realization of the vision, UH Dining will have transformed one of the most frequent services with which students engage campus while advancing the University's reputation.