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Food Service Advisory Committee Student-At Large Membership Application

The Food Service Advisory Committee (FSAC) is searching for two residential students to serve as at-large members. All currently enrolled residential UH students are eligible to apply; this includes residents of on-campus residence halls as well as Cambridge Oaks, Cullen Oaks, and Bayou Oaks.

The committee is also in search for one commuter student to serve as at-large member. All currently enrolled UH commuter students are eligible to apply.

All at-large student members (residential and commuter) are asked to serve for a two-year term, September 2020 – August 2021.

The Food Service Advisory Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Executive Vice President for Administration and Finance and the Associate Vice President for Administration regarding the University’s retail and residential food/beverage and vending programs, including:

1. serving as a conduit for the exchange of information and ideas between the University community, the food service provider(s) and University management;

2. providing advice and assistance regarding matters pertaining to food service locations, menu selections, service hours, food quality and types of services offered;

3. providing advice and assistance on matters involving food service vendor contracts; and

4. providing advice and assistance on other related matters as requested by University management.

The thirteen (13) member committee includes students, faculty and staff. The committee meets the first Friday of every month for approximately two (2) hours. Students can complete their application online at


why do you want to serve on the food service advisory committee?

what is your vision of what campus dining should be?

what ideas would you like to see brought to the food service advisory board?