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UH Campus Store Price Match Program

Though they’re essential to get through classes, textbooks definitely add to the cost of attendance for students. We know that students like to shop around to make sure they’re getting the best deal, but getting the best price doesn’t always include convenience. A store with a lower price may run out of copies quickly, and by the time it restocks, it’s well into the semester. Or the price of the textbook may be low, but the shipping costs may be outrageous.

With the University of Houston Campus Store’s price matching policy, students can get the best possible price on the textbooks they need with the convenience of the UH Campus Store’s services and availability on campus.

How it Works

The UH Campus Store’s price matching policy allows students to compare new, used, and rental textbook prices at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The Campus Store price matches new-to-new, rental-to-rental or used-to-used books and the item must be the same product. Products have unique ISBN numbers, so when comparing products for price match, ensure they are the same product with the same ISBN.

To receive the price match, simply stop by the UH Campus Store (located in the Student Center South) and provide the website with the lower price; the textbook’s ISBN number; and whether the textbook is new, used, or rental. To receive the price match, the book must be in stock on the website shown as well as at the UH Campus Store.

And - if you already purchased your textbook but find a cheaper advertised price within seven calendar days of purchase, we will give you the difference back!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Campus Store

There are several advantages to buying your textbooks at the UH Campus Store. Aside from having all your course material needs available to you for one-stop shopping, the Campus Store is conveniently located on campus; and the Campus Store works directly with UH faculty to make sure that it’s stocked with the books and supplies you need well before classes start.

If you don’t live on campus, you may order your textbooks online and pick them up in the store at your convenience. Or you can have them shipped to you directly at a flat rate. With the added convenience of price matching, students can make sure they’re getting the books they need, when they need them, for the best possible price!

If you need some extra financial assistance in purchasing your textbooks, you can apply for a Book Loan.


UH Campus Store Book Loan Program

Do you have to wait for your financial aid disbursement to purchase your books?  Or just need a little more time to pay for your course materials?  Consider applying for the UH Campus Store no-interest book loan. 

The Book Loan Program acts as an advance to students. You may apply for a book loan up to $400 for each of the Fall and Spring semesters; and $200 for Summer. No credit check is required. The application period is open each semester through ORD (Official Reporting Day).  

How to Apply for a Book Loan:

  1. Log in to AccessUH
  2. Select the myUH icon
  3. Select “Student Financials”
  4. Select “Optional Fees”
  5. Select the term for the loan
  6. Select “Book Loan” ($5 service fee will automatically populate)

Your book loan will be available at the UH Campus Store within a few hours. 

For questions related to price matching and the Book Loan Program; or any of your learning or merchandising needs, contact the UH Campus Store at (713) 741-7095 or .