Catering on Cullen Sponsors Wolffest 2017

wolffest 2017Catering on Cullen has proudly sponsored Wolffest 2017 by donating ingredients and utensils to young entrepreneurs in the food service industry.

Catering on Cullen donated a number of ingredients and supplies to the young entrepreneurs participating in Bauer School of Business’ Wolffest 2017. Items donated include ingredients for the pop-up restaurants as well as napkins, utensils, trays, cups and catering equipment.

“Wolffest is a big deal for these students,” said Catering Director Amber Bean. “It’s a learning experience for them, and we want to enhance that experience in any way we can.”

Wolffest is an annual fundraising event hosted by the Wolf Center for Entrepreneurship. It is held to provide a real world scenario in which entrepreneur students are faced with starting their own businesses. Students are put into teams and required to create a business plan and pop-up restaurant for the festival. The event is part of the coursework required to complete an entrepreneurship degree at the Bauer School of Business.

More information about Catering on Cullen can be viewed online.

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