Bauer Starbucks Gets New LED Lights


The Starbucks location in Melcher Hall became a little more eco-friendly over the winter break.

The replacement of 11 lights over the coffee shop with new LED bulbs will save 2,095.83 KwH per year. The new LED bulbs have similar light output, so guests likely won’t notice any difference in the lighting.

The lighting replacement is part of a larger initiative by Facilities Management to switch many locations over to the energy-saving LED bulbs. Most of the lighting in the Student Center Satellite was replaced last year, along with many lights in classroom buildings and offices.

“While the installation of these 11 lamps is not huge by itself, this project, along with dozens of others, is one of the steps that Facilities Management is taking in our commitment to help the University of Houston continue to grow, while simultaneously reducing our overall energy usage,” said Senior Project Manager Jerry Bogna.