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University Chapel

WEDDINGS and other special events may be scheduled in the Religion Center for Saturdays and Sundays. Weddings and special events may be held any day of the week ONLY during vacation periods and other times when classes are not in session. No weddings or special events may be scheduled during official university holidays or high holy days of the resident ministry groups. Weekend event time blocks are specific. A reservation request may include two back-to-back time blocks to accommodate an expanded ceremony and will be charged for two-time blocks. The Saturday morning time block is set for 3 hours. All other Saturday and Sunday time blocks are two hours.

Event Rates (seats 275)

2 hour time blocks for 10:30 AM, 1:30 PM, 4:30 PM and 7:30 PM Events

Type of Organization Rates
Non-UH $1,500.00/min rate
UH System Faculty – Staff – Alumni $1,200.00/min rate
UH System Student $1,050.00/min rate

Fees include room rental for rehearsal and ceremony, piano, PA/microphones

Explanation of Fees

The A.D. Bruce Religion Center is governed by the Religion Center Policy Board. The Board provides guidance on space utilization and approves fees for the Religion Center.


The reservation includes the University Chapel, the adjoining lobby and the assigned dressing rooms (rooms 202 and 204). The wedding party should confine themselves to the dressing rooms while upstairs. Wedding guests should remain in the University Chapel lobby area during the allotted time frame.

One (1) hour will be allowed for a rehearsal on the Friday evening of the wedding weekend. The facilities will be available for two (2) hours on the day of the wedding and the chapel must be vacated within that time frame. The wedding party, florist, photographer, and wedding coordinator will be allowed in the chapel no later than fifteen (15) minutes prior to the time slot.

A wedding reservation will be confirmed only upon receipt of full payment.

Possible Conflicts

Should an Act of God or a university-related scheduling conflict develop prior to the initial confirmation date, then the wedding party shall be contacted and given the option of either: (1) working with the Manager to find another acceptable date and/or time (2) canceling the request and receiving a full refund of all fees paid. The university reserves the right to close the center whenever it deems necessary to do so. Should this ever occur during a time when a wedding has been scheduled, the wedding party shall be given a full refund of their reservation fee.

University Chapel Recommended Ceremony Timelines

10:00 or 10:30 a.m. CEREMONY (Recommended)
8:15am Florist can begin unloading
  Access to the Dressing Rooms [202 and 204 ADBRC]
8:30am Access to the University Chapel begins for decorating
9:30am Decorating should be completed
10:15am Begin seating guests
10:30am CEREMONY BEGINS – Processional
10:50am Ceremony ends
11:00am Photographs
11:30am Photographs end
  Clean up begins
11:55am Clean up ends
1:30pm Ceremony (recommended)
12:15pm Florist can begin unloading
  Access to the Dressing Rooms [202 and 204 ADBRC]
12:30pm Access to University Chapel begins for decorating
1:10pm Decorating should be completed
1:15pm Begins seating guests
1:30pm CEREMONY BEGINS – Processional
1:50pm Ceremony ends
2:00pm Photographs
2:30pm Photographs end
  Clean up begins
2:55pm Clean up ends
4:30pm Ceremony (recommended)
3:15pm Florist can begin unloading
  Access to the Dressing Rooms [202 and 204 ADBRC]
3:30pm Access to the University Chapel begins for decorating
4:10pm Decorating should be completed
4:15pm Begins seating guests
4:30pm CEREMONY BEGINS – Processional
4:50pm Ceremony ends
5:00pm Photographs
5:30pm Photographs end
  Clean up begins
5:55pm Clean up ends
7:30pm Ceremony (recommended)
6:15pm Florist can begin unloading
  party Access to the Dressing Rooms [202 and 204 ADBRC]
6:30pm Access to the University Chapel begins for decorating
7:10pm Decorating should be completed
7:15pm Begins seating guests
7:30pm CEREMONY BEGINS – Processional
7:50pm Ceremony ends
8:00pm Photographs
8:30pm Photographs end, Clean up begins
8:55pm Clean up ends

UH Discount

The UH Discount applies only if the bride and/or groom (or the parents of the couple) are either current students, a faculty/staff member or are an alumnus of the University of Houston System. All other patrons are assessed the community rate for Saturday and Sunday events.


Effective November 1, 2020
In order to secure your wedding time block, we require a deposit of 50% of the reservation fee. Dates and time blocks are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. This deposit is nonrefundable and must be paid within 24 hours of receiving a tentative confirmation of the requested date and time block. The remaining balance must be paid in full 60 days prior to the event date.

Payments can be made online under the weddings tab. Please make sure to include your reservation number when submitting payments.

Payments made in the form of a

  • Personal check
  • Money order or
  • Cashier check

must be made payable to: UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON. Please indicate in the MEMO section your wedding date and time.

University Chapel Dimensions

275 seats
17 pews – Left
1 railing – Left
17 pews – Right
1 railing – Right

Length – 65 ft
Width – 4’ 5”
Length – 6’ 1/8”
Width – 2’ 1 ¼”
Height – 3’ 4”

CANNOT be removed from altar platform;
can be repositioned on altar platform.
Altar Screen/backdrop
Length – 16’ 6”
Height – 8’ 6”

Pew/end cap
Height – 34”
Width – 17”
Depth – 2”