House of Worship Resource Fair - University of Houston
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House of Worship Resource Fair

Our inaugural fair will offer opportunities for UH Community to engage with representatives from various faith and spiritual communities throughout the Greater Houston Area.

Wednesday, Sept. 13th and Sept. 20th
11am - 1 pm
A.D. Bruce Religion Center Entry Walkway

Have you been interested in joining a local house of worship? A.D. Bruce Religion Center is hostin our inaugural House of Worship Fair so that you can get familiar with some of the local places of worship available in the greater Houston area. There will be various worship groups present to greet, introduce themsleves and welcome you to visit and learn about their congregations and college ministries to help you find the right faith path.

Spaces limited! Houses of Worship please register here.

For more information, please call 713-743-7525 or email

Prepare you for opportunities to discover a new faith-based, religious, or spiritual network
Promote community engagement, unity, and understanding
Enrich your spiritual growth and a sense of belonging in the community
Provide counseling, community outreach, and civic engagement programs
Engage with different traditions to foster cultural awareness and interfaith dialogue
Find guidance, comfort, and a sense of purpose within a supportive local community
Empower individuals to find solace, guidance, and a sense of belonging
Address the needs of the community, contributing to its overall welfare
Cultivate social cohesion and unity
Engage in philanthropic efforts, addressing local challenges and improving the lives of those in need
Enrichment of interfaith understanding and cooperation, bridging cultural divides inclusive community
Spaces are limited! Please register here.