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Interfaith Week

Each spring semester, UH Interfaith Week gives students more opportunities to participate in various events from campus ministries from all kinds of faith traditions. The hope for this week is that students will be able to engage with a ministry of a different faith than their own in order to learn, grow, and possibly befriend new students along the way. Interfaith Week serves as a reminder to our UH community that our diversity and unity makes us stronger.

Event Schedule

February 22-26, 2021

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  • Ask the Rabbi

    Tuesday, Feb 23 @ 12:00pm

    Ask Hillel's Rabbi Kenny Weiss anything about Judaism

  • Are we limiting ourselves by living in our own reality?

    Wednesday, Feb. 24 @ 10 am-3pm
    Christian Science Organization

    Join the Zoom meeting that will be open from 10 am-3pm Feb 24th. You can listen to this Sentinel Program (below) on Your Reality before Zoom Drop-in or the program the drop-in time will hear excerpts and for discussion.

    Join Zoom Meeting
    Meeting ID: 852 5784 5885
    Passcode: jQq9Kh

  • From Hindu to Atheist to Christian

    Wednesday, Feb. 24 @ 12:00pm
    Church of Christ

    Maulin, an Indian international student working on a PhD at UH, tells his own story of converting from Hinduism to Atheism and then, Christianity. It's a story of motorcycles, rock-and-roll, and loads of joy and passion. Come listen to and engage in this story.

  • Movie/ The Prince of Egypt/Discussion

    Thursday, Feb. 25th @ 5:30pm
    Wesley Foundation

    The movie is about Moses of course discovering the attributes which lead him into being the Prince. We will have other movies once a month on current topics, religious perspectives and life skills.

  • Scripture Appreciation Night

    Thursday, Feb. 25 @ 4:30pm
    RUF - Reformed University Fellowship

    MSA, Hindu Yuva, Indic Philosophy Society, and RUF will join to read Scripture passages from the Quran, Bhagavad Gita, and Bible that address the topic of mental health: "Finding Peace in Chaos: How faith encourages mental well-being?". Each Scripture that is read and explained will be followed by breakout discussions and the whole event will end with a full Zoom open Q&A. All are welcome!

  • Welcoming Shabbat

    Friday, Feb. 26 @ 5:00pm

    Welcome Shabbat with traditional blessings and enjoy some social time.