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Mission, Vision & Core Values

The A.D. Bruce Religion Center embraces and celebrates the religious and spiritual diversity of the University of Houston.


The A.D. Bruce Religion Center embraces, celebrates and fosters spiritual and religious experiences of the diverse University of Houston community.


The A.D. Bruce Religion Center envisions a campus in which spirituality and religion integrate with the university experience.

Core Values

  • Collaboration
    • We believe and encourage relationship building and collaborative programing to strengthen the connections amongst the various communities of worship and the students, faculty and staff who engage with one another.
  • Customer Service
    • We strive for excellence as our standard level of service so we can accommodate all our client's needs and requests in our facility, programs and offered services.
  • Discovery
    • We provide opportunities for all visitors to explore our facility and benefit from quiet self-reflection and meditation, and to engage in meaningful and thought-provoking programs.
  • Community
    • We are a non-denominational facility. We acknowledge, respect, and appreciate the different faiths, denominations, and cultures. We support and provide safe environments where people can engage in their religious beliefs but where others can learn from and appreciate these differences.