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Staff Council Elections

2019 Staff Council Elections Results

The names in bold are the winners of the 2019 Staff Council Elections. For more information concerning the results, please contact Membership and Elections Committee Co-Chair Scott Mason.

At-Large (1 open position)

Candidate % Vote
Trina Silva (winner) 34.5%
Nam Nguyen 27.7%
Henry Anderson 13.4%
Victoria Lara 8.8%
Morris Woodard 7.4%
Rick Schell 6.2%
Write-in candidates 2.1%

Academic Affairs (8 open positions)

Candidate % Vote
Elsie Myers (winner) 10.1%
Emily Merrell (winner) 10.0%
Shanequea White (winner) 9.9%
Seth Evans (winner) 9.7%
Cynthia Romero (winner) 9.3%
Brianna Johnson (winner) 7.9%
Quentisha Puryear (winner) 7.8%
Genny Lee (winner) 7.2%
Melissa Nieto 7.2%
Connease Warren 6.4%
Leigh Ann Smith 6.0%
Sarah Holloway 6.0%
Muheebat Salawu 2.3%
Write-in candidates 0.2%

Administration & Finance (6 open positions)

Candidate % Vote
Jacqueline Chee (winner) 16.8%
DaNesha Allen (winner) 12.7%
Matthew Castillo (winner) 11.7%
Brooke Kaiser (winner) 11.2%
Sharon Pellas (winner) 11.2%
Ron Gonyea (winner) 10.8%
Steven Burns 9.9%
Gabriel Durham 7.5%
Thomas Brents 7.5%
Write-in candidates 0.7%

Student Affairs & Enrollment Services (1 open position)

Candidate % Vote
Sabrina Grant (winner) 54.9%
Joseph Secrest 42.7%
Write-in candidates 2.4%

There were no open positions in the following Divisions for the 2019 Staff Council Elections: Office of the President; Research; University Advancement; and University Marketing, Communication and Media Relations

Election Information

In order to vote during elections, voters:

  • Must be benefits-eligible (50% FTE or greater) staff members.
  • Must know their CougarNet account username and password
  • May cast their vote for no more than the number of open positions available for their division and for one At-Large candidate.
  • May write-in one candidate for their division (if it has open positions) and one At-Large candidate.
  • May cast their vote from any computer with internet access or at any of the additional polling sites.
  • May only vote once. The online voting site will reject any voter’s attempt to go through the voting system more than once.

Staff Council Elections are overseen by the Membership and Elections Committee in accordance with the Election Code.