PhoneMail can be requested by faculty and staff using the Work Order Request. There is a monthly charge of $5 for PhoneMail services.

PhoneMail is provided for staff and faculty for approved UH usage only. The PhoneMail monthly charge is charged back to the employee's division, college or departments.

PhoneMail Guidelines and Tips

The PhoneMail service is designed to ensure your telephone is answered. If used correctly, PhoneMail can enhance the service provided to the callers of the University. However, if used incorrectly, it can create many negative feelings and frustrations.

The guidelines and tips below are designed to outline the expectations with regard to the correct use of PhoneMail at the University of Houston.

These guidelines apply to all users connected to the University of Houston's telephone system. All UH and state telephone usage policies apply to the use of PhoneMail.

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