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Frequently Asked Questions

1. If an internal candidate is currently in a security sensitive position and they are being hired into another security sensitive position, are they required to go through another background check?

If the employee’s clearance check was completed more than six months from their new start date, then yes, they are required to go through another background check.

2. How long does a position have to post before it can be filled?

All posted positions must remain open for a minimum of five business days before they can be filled.

3. If our department is comfortable with creating its own ad for a posted position, do we still need to submit it to Human Resources for review? What ads require HR’s approval?

All ads which reflect positions posted on the University of Houston’s job site must be approved by your Employment Representative prior to the ad being placed. If you have any questions about creating an ad, your Employment Representative will be glad to assist you.

4. If we have two identically titled positions in our department, can we automatically consider applicants for both positions?

No, applicants can only be considered for the specific position their information has been submitted for. They must apply for both titles in order to be considered for both positions. The system saves all applications/resumes so applying for an additional position is a simple and quick process!

5. Once an applicant has been selected and we submit the PAR to Human Resources, we’re done with the hiring process, right?

No!! Before the PAR is submitted to Human Resources, we ask for the Request For Offer (RFO) section on the OJS system to be completed. Also check if the position is security sensitive and if the background results have been received. Once these two steps have been completed, the PAR should now be submitted to Human Resources. The new hire can now be registered for orientation through ROAR online.

Please contact your Employment Representative if you have any questions or need any assistance.

6. If an applicant brings a resume directly to our department, can we consider them for our position?

Resumes and applications should only be considered if they are submitted on-line through the job listing website. All interested applicants should be directed to apply on-line. Candidates must apply on-line to be considered.

7. If we have a new employee who used to be an employee at the University of Houston, do we register them for orientation again?

Yes, all former employees are required to attend orientation regardless of their last day of employment with The University of Houston. Orientation has recently gone through a “revamp” process and is full of new and vital information that needs to be shared with our new and rehired employees.

8. Once we interview candidates, how long do we need to keep the interview questions/answers on file?

All interview questions/responses must be kept for two years in your department files.

9. Does a position have to be vacant before we can post it?

No, if a position will soon be vacated but is currently filled, the position can be posted for the search to begin. How far in advance the position can be posted while being filled depends on certain factors. Please contact your Employment Representative for more information.

10. If we extend an offer but it is declined, do we have to go through the posting process again from the beginning?

It depends on whether:

1) you would like to extend the offer to your second choice, a candidate that has applied and interviewed, then no, the position does not have to be posted again. The procedure will be the same as if they were your first choice.

2) the current applicant pool does not meet the needs of your department, and you would like to consider a new pool of candidates, then the position will have to be reposted.

11. If I want to increase the salary grade of a position, what do I need to do?

By increasing the salary grade of a position, you will more than likely be changing the title of the position to reflect the new salary grade. Since this position has previously been created, it will need to be “reclassified” to reflect the new salary grade. HR Compensation requires a Position Request form (PRF) to be completed through PeopleSoft. On this form, select “reclassification” as your action, print a copy, and submit it to compensation or your generalist with a copy of the new job description you would like this position to reflect. For a position that is currently filled and a reclassification is requested, a Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ) form also needs to be submitted to Compensation. Once reviewed and approved by Compensation, a memo will be sent via e-mail to inform you that the process has been completed.

12. If I would like a position to be created in my department, what is my first step?

Requesting that a new position to be created is very similar to a reclassification of a position. A Position Request (PR) needs to be completed through PeopleSoft with the action being “create new”. A copy of the PR and job description of the position you would like created in your department should then be submitted to Compensation. Once reviewed and approved by Compensation, a memo will be sent to your department via e-mail with the new position number.

13. Can I call Employment to see why my candidate failed the background check?

No, Per MAPP Policy 02.03.05, HR may not disclose offensive results and hiring managers/departments are not to discuss details with the candidate. Please refer to the policy for full details.