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Career Ladders

Career ladders organize and relate jobs in the university based upon skill progression and increased earnings.  Career ladders have many applications including staff retention, performance and recognition, succession planning, and career development programs.

Career ladders are very helpful in assisting in the development of an individual career plan and goals as well as identifying the training and skills needed to attain those career goals.

Career Ladder Promotion Checklist

  • A higher level job is needed in the Department
  • New job is one step up on the Career Ladder
  • Employee must be in their current job at least one year
  • Performance contributions must be documented
  • Employee must meet all of the qualifications for the new job (Directly related work experience will be considered in lieu of degree requirements on a year-for-year basis, i.e. 4 years of experience is equal to a bachelor’s degree.)
  • The duties of the new job are assigned on or before the date of the promotion
  • New pay is within the Standard Hiring Range of the new grade

Learn about the business process for Career Ladder Promotions.

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