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Graduate Program

Why get an M.A. in communication?

Whether your interest is advancing your existing career, exploring a new career with additional responsibilities, pursing an academic job, or simply furthering your education, a master’s degree in communication allows you to hone your strategic thinking and analytical skills, strengthen your communication capabilities, and excel and lead in the path or field you choose.

Highly flexible, an M.A. in Communication opens the door to a variety of job opportunities, as well as the potential for a higher salary. Findings from a study conducted by Georgetown University showed that an individual with a communication graduate degree typically earns $10,000 dollars more than a person with only an undergraduate degree in the same field.

Why get an M.A. in Valenti?

  • Designed for professional success in both academic and non-academic careers.
  • Located in Houston, the fourth largest city in the U.S., with a range of job opportunities in business, media, health, energy, and education.
  • Highly productive faculty members with diverse research agendas and teaching capabilities.
  • Financial assistance available in the form of teaching and instructional assistantships, as well as scholarship and fellowship opportunities.
  • Classes meet in the evenings to accommodate working professionals.
  • Small class size for increased interaction between faculty and students

Recent Student Job Placement

Many of our graduates work in the industry after graduation and some have been accepted into prestigious Ph.D. programs.

Industry jobs:
Various businesses, public relations and advertising agencies, government agencies, and education such as Fox Sports, Reliant Energy, Edelman, Oasis Petroleum, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Accenture, and City of Houston, Lone Star College, Lamar University, and Houston Community College.

Ph.D. programs:
University of Texas (Austin), University of California (Davis), Texas A & M University, University of Maryland, and University of Houston Graduate School of Social Work.

Typical job titles:
Press secretary, communication specialist, marketing specialist, public relations account executive, public information officer, copywriter, media preparation administrator, program coordinator, and faculty member.

Graduate Program Overview

The mission statement of the graduate program is to develop students with strong research and analytical capabilities who assume leadership roles in both professional and academic settings. In doing so, we will serve as a community resource for those interested in studying communication, a central component to all cultures and contemporary socie

The Jack J. Valenti School of Communication at the University of Houston offers four Master’s degrees directed toward professional success in both academic and non-academic careers. The goal of the program is to produce graduate students who are able to move effectively into professional media positions, advance their current careers, teach in junior colleges or high schools, or enter into top doctoral programs.

To date, our school has placed graduates into top-ranked Ph.D. programs as well as into non-academic positions in both public and private institutions. Regardless of the career goal, the graduate program broadens each student’s communication expertise through courses that improve conceptual, applied, and research skills—all of which are critical for successful careers in today’s information-oriented and changing global society.

There are three major areas of concentration within this program: Mass Communication Studies, Public Relations Studies, and Health Communication Studies.

Health communication concentration examines the symbolic and organizational processes by which people, individually and collectively, understand, shape, and accommodate to health and illness. Mass communication concentration explains the development of modern media systems and their impact on society, and examines ways in which the media contribute and respond to political, social and economic issues. Public relations concentration studies theory and research needed to help advancing practitioners assist organizations to communicate and strengthen relationships with their stakeholders. Emphasis is given to management issues relevant to products, services, image, and public policy issues. 

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