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Presentations & Workshops

The WGRC staff are happy to present to your UH department, RSO, class, or organization meeting on any of the following topics: 
  • WGRC 101- A general overview of the resources available through the Women and Gender Resource Center.
  • Don’t fall for the stereotypes, what is Gender?- A presentation about gender, who/what is impacted, and ways to be more gender-inclusive.
  • The F Word-Feminism- When did Feminism become such a dirty word and why? This presentation describes the history and continued progress for gender equity through feminism.
  • $tart $mart: Salary Negotiation Workshop (2-hour workshop)- A program in partnership with the UH Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies program empowering college students who are beginning their career to overcome the wage gap.
  • UH SMSS 101 (Sexual Misconduct Support Services)- A general overview of sexual misconduct support services.
  • Unhealthy Relationships: The Cycle of Violence- A discussion of what unhealthy relationships look like and how to support ourselves and others.
  • Green Means Go: Consent through a UH lens- A discussion of what consent entails under the UHS Sexual Misconduct Policy.
  • Trauma-Informed Care- Learn more about active, reflective listening, supporting others, and empathy vs. sympathy.
  • On Sexual Citizenship- Join us for an hour and a half long interactive discussion that includes an overview of the WGRC, consent, sexual citizenship, sexual projects/goals, supporting ourselves and others, primary prevention, and risk reduction.

Workshops, Presentations and Trainings can be created/tailored to fit the needs of your group. To request a workshop, presentation, training or resource tabling, please complete our "Requesting the WGRC" form located under the Related Links portion of this webpage.