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The Women and Gender Resource Center office space is open on campus! For the continued safety of our community, we encourage social distancing, face masks, and vaccinations.

Our entire WGRC team is here to support you, and we are committed to making our programs and services accessible to students, faculty, and staff regardless of physical location.

DV Awareness Interactive Activity

Thursday, October 28, 2021

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Stop by this interactive activity to help you learn more about dating violence. Participants move, act, think, and make choices as a person experiencing an toxic relationship. 

RSVP here ~ tinyurl.com/RSVPUHW

With stories and information based on the experiences of real survivors, participants engage in a simulation in which they walk in the shoes of the various characters experiencing toxic and controlling relationships. Participants move, act, think and make choices as a person experiencing the relationship. As participants read through scenarios describing the current situation of a character, they make choices about their character’s next steps and move to different stations based on their choices.

Jessica Rubinsky, MSW
Assistant Director, Wellness
Sexual Violence Prevention and Education
(713) 743-1572