The WGRC Student Ambassador Program - University of Houston
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We believe students are the CORE of our work at the WGRC. Each year, a select group of students serve as our CORE ambassadors, assisting the WGRC in leading discussion groups, hosting trainings, developing and promoting programs, and assisting in the planning of our signature events

To apply to be a CORE Ambassador for the 2021-2022 school year, visit our CORE Ambassador Application.

For more information, contact Tiffany Galloway.

CORE Ambassadors

  • Amritha Manoj


  • Carla Bullock


  • Dani Tovar


  • Sophia Sutter


  • Zeest Mirza


Previous CORE Ambassadors

  • 2020–2021

    Mayasa Albadri
    Chelsy Aledia
    Sofia Alvarado Fula
    Carla Bullock
    Olga Cerda
    Zunayra Hemani
    Amritha Manoj
    Abbie Martinez
    Zeest Mirza
    Sophia Sutter
    Daniela Tovar