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LiBeyond, LLC

Our mission is to be the world leader in innovative and sustainable solutions for battery applications.

Full Description

We develop innovative battery solutions that meet or exceed the requirements for energy storage applications in the 21st century and beyond. More specifically, we pioneer novel battery chemistries and engineered solutions and then move these from initial discovery into larger formats demonstrating scalability with practical solutions for further development and evaluation with our vertical integration partners.


We are currently focused on two technology platforms. The first is a Mg-Organic battery system that will compete with Li battery technologies with fast charging capability specifically targeted for electric vehicle applications. This business platform is supported with ARPA-E funding (OPEN 2021, subrecipient of UH) and includes Toyota North America as one of our vertical partners. The second, which is still in the ideation phase, is a variety of solid-state battery materials and manufacturing solutions also targeting electric vehicle applications.