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CellChorus® understands how thousands of individual cells move, activate, kill and survive. TIMING™ is a visual AI platform that evaluates immune cell activity as a function of time to maximize your understanding of cellular function, state, and phenotype

Full Description

CellChorus provides a comprehensive, dynamic analysis of single cells. Other methods of studying cellular activity cannot integrate dynamic cellular behavior with molecular behavior at the single‑cell level. The CellChorus platform is broadly applicable across a variety of cell types and applications. Whereas life science researchers have benefited from significant advances in single-cell analysis, CellChorus goes beyond static assaying. With TIMING, life sciences innovators can watch new biology and gain new and unexpected understandings of how cells move, activate, kill, and survive.


CellChorus’ TIMING™ (Time-lapse Imaging Microscopy in Nanowell Grids) platform applies visual AI to evaluate cell activation, killing, and movement as a function of time in order to maximize our understanding of cellular function, state, and phenotype.