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Dr. Christine Ehlig Economides, Professor

Department of Petroleum Engineering, Cullen College of Engineering


  • Areas of expertise

    • Petroleum production systems.
    • Reservoir engineering.
    • Shale reservoirs.
  • Awards

    • Professor and Hugh Roy and Lillie Cranz Cullen Distinguished University Chair
    • Member of the National Academy of Engineering
    • Recipient of SPE Anthony F. Lucas Gold Medal
    • Distinguished Achievement Award for Petroleum Engineering Faculty
    • Lester C. Uren Award
    • Innovative Teaching Award
    • Formation Evaluation Award
    • Co-author of Petroleum Production Systems
    • Member of the Board on Energy and Environmental Systems (BEES)
    • QRI Scholar
    • Chief Scientist for the Sinopec Research Institute on Petroleum Engineering
    • One of the Thousand Talents in China.
  • Publications

    • Lee, Kyung Jae & Moridis, George & A Ehlig-Economides, Christine. (2017). Numerical simulation of diverse thermal in situ upgrading processes for the hydrocarbon production from kerogen in oil shale reservoirs. Energy Exploration & Exploitation. 35. 014459871668935. 10.1177/0144598716689354. 
    • Ehlig-Economides, Christine & Liu, Guoqing. (2017). Comparison among Fracture Calibration Test Analysis Models. . 10.2118/184866-MS. 
    • Liu, Guoqing, and Christine Ehlig-Economides. (2017)Comprehensive Before-Closure Model and Analysis for Fracture Calibration Injection Falloff Test, the paper is now under review by SPEJ, and available upon request.
    • Du, J., Pang, W., Lei, J., Zhang, T., & Ehlig-Economides, C. A. (2017, March 6). Pressure Transient Analysis of Shale Gas Wells With Non-Uniform Fractures. Society of Petroleum Engineers. doi:10.2118/183724-MS
    • Liu, G & Ehlig-Economides, C. (2017). New Model for DFIT Fracture Injection and Falloff Pressure Match. . 10.2118/187191-MS. 
    • Lee, Kyung Jae & Moridis, George & A Ehlig-Economides, Christine. (2016). Compositional simulation of hydrocarbon recovery from oil shale reservoirs with diverse initial saturations of fluid phases by various thermal processes. Energy Exploration & Exploitation. 35. . 10.1177/0144598716684307. 
    • Liu, Guoqing & Ehlig-Economides, Christine. (2016). Interpretation Methodology for Fracture Calibration Test Before-Closure Analysis of Normal and Abnormal Leakoff Mechanisms. . 10.2118/179176-MS. 
      Lee, Kyung Jae & Moridis, George & A. Ehlig-Economides, Christine. (2016). A Comprehensive Simulation Model of Kerogen Pyrolysis for the In-situ Upgrading of Oil Shales. SPE Journal. 21. 1612-1630. 10.2118/173299-PA. 
    • Lee, Kyung Jae & Moridis, George & A. Ehlig-Economides, Christine. (2016). In situ upgrading of oil shale by Steamfrac in multistage transverse fractured horizontal well system. Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects. 38. 3034-3041. 10.1080/15567036.2015.1135209. 
    • Merry, H., Ehlig-Economides, C.A., Wei, P., (2015, September) Model for a Shale Gas Formation with Salt-Sealed Natural Fractures. SPE-175061, prepared for presentation at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition held in Houston, Texas, USA, 28– 30 September 2015.
    • Sorek, N., Moreno, J. A., Rice, R., Luo, G., & Ehlig-Economides, C. (2014, October 27). Optimal Hydraulic Fracture Angle in Productivity Maximized Shale Well Design. Society of Petroleum Engineers. doi:10.2118/170965-MS.
    • For more publications, visit:
  • Patents

    • Ehlig-Economides, Christine. Method for Individually Characterizing the Layers of a Hydrocarbon Subsurface Reservoir. Schlumberger Technology Corporation, assignee. Patent 5247829. 28 Sept. 1993. Print.
    • Ehlig-Economides, Christine. Process for Measuring Flow and Determining the Parameters of Multilayer Hydrocarbon Producing Formations. Schlumberger Technology Corporation, assignee. Patent 4803873. 14 Feb. 1989. Print.
  • Grants and Funded Research

    • National Science Foundation grant totaling $320,000 for the Live Energy project. The project seeked to develop a continuously updated online textbook on energy sustainability to support core science and engineering courses for both majors and non majors. 2014.
  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Contact information

    ERP 1A, Room 192 A
    Phone:713-743-6334 |